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Meridian Recruitment Agency Ltd!

Meridian Recruitment Agency Ltd was created out of the Vision of Charles Carvalho. Part of a Global Shipping Affiliate Company based in Trinidad and Tobago. MRA was set up to create jobs for those wishing to embark upon Cruise Ship Jobs. The company’s main focus is securing recruits from the Caribbean region.

The companies we are presently recruiting for include Disney Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and MSC Cruise Lines. Our Scope is to find individuals whom are willing to work hard and very long hours. We are pretty much sure that the perks of these jobs are often very rewarding and stimulating. Plus you get to travel the World and learn a lot of stuff on the way!

We are here to hook you up and help you set sail as long as you meet the requirements and qualify! Apply today and lets see how best we can assist you.. Cheers!!!

Charles Carvalho – Founder

  • Over 40 Years in The Cruise Industry
  • Recognised Worldwide for Quality
  • No Appointment necessary.
  • Apply Online

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Working on a Cruise Line Can Change Your Life!

Working time

WEEK DAYS:  08:00 am – 05:00 p.m
SATURDAY:  08:00 am – 04:00

Atlantic Standard Time

Started with a Vision
We entered the Cruise Ship Port handling business and became World re-knowned for our high quality service standards. By leaving nothing to chance we secured many brands visiting or Twin Islands.

Today we have grown tremendously and continue to strive towards excellence!

We began diversifying
By this time we were growing by leaps and bounds. Major cruise brands started to pay attention to our dynamics and great attention to detail to get the job done accurately!

Global Trade shows, Events and Seminars brought us major recognition and overall business expansion.

Global Recruitment Company!
Our Business Model was well established and highly recognised by our peers and clients. Recruitment and finding jobs for people became an interest of ours!

Today we are emerging as a commanding and highly proficient force in this second base industry.