Cruise Job Application Steps

  1. We Accept Only Professionally Scanned Documents in PDF 1MB size (MUST COMPLY! Application Can Be Rejected)
  2. Submit Application & Wait for Our Review
  3. Online Interview with our Team if Chosen
  4. Final Interview with Cruise Line if Successful
  5. You are then processed if chosen
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WEEK DAYS:  08:00 am – 05:00 pm
SATURDAY: 08:00 am – 04:00 pm

PS. Atlantic Standard Time – (AST)


Trinidad, POS
165A, Western Main Road, St. James

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DCL Culinary Poster

DCL Culinary Jobs Trinidad and Tobago

Are you an Experienced and a Qualified Culinary Person and Looking to Accelerate Your Career?

Disney Cruise Line is back at it and they are hiring and looking for the “Best of the Best!” Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to start a Cruise ship Job Career. It can be highly rewarding and an experience of a lifetime! Plus get to see the World and meet exciting people along the way! Make a change and just go for it! Experience and Qualifications matter. If you think you are the correct fit? Then we are ready to talk.

Why Meridian Recruitment Agency?

Meridian Recruitment Agency!

Meridian Recruitment Agency Ltd is a Subsidiary of Carvalho’s Group of Companies. We are proven professionals in the ship handling business for over forty plus years. Our pioneering spirit has led us to become affiliated with all Major Cruise Lines and their Subsidiaries. Now we are more than ready as your procurement agents to assist you in becoming a Ship Mate!

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  • Pay Zero FEES for your Application Processing
  • We know the business inside out
  • Quality Client Care and general assistance provided
  • Simply Apply Online and we will take it from there
  • Work on a Cruise line can be long hours but certainly rewarding
  • Travel the Seven Seas and see the World
  • Over 40 Years Experience
  • Highly Qualified Staff to Get you Your Dream Job

Cruise Ship Jobs– Can be the job of a Lifetime

Meridian Recruitment Agency's Staff were kind and courteous all the way through my process. My Agent kept me informed every step of the way!   At first I didn't like it on the Ship, it all seemed daunting and ominous! Guess what! All that has changed and I am learning a lot from MSC and I'm loving my job tremendously! The best part is that there is always someone willing to show you the way forward. Now I see how much avenues there are to grow with this Cruise Line. I actually get time to visit destinations and come of ship with Cruisers.   I'm advising anyone thinking about a cruise job - "Just Do it" Thank me later! Adrian

Cruise Job Portals

Disney Cruise Lines

Explore a career with Disney Cruise Lines and see the World from the Perspective of the number one Entertainment Company in the World.

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Find your Niche Job within Disney Cruise Lines.
Get ready to accelerate your LIFE with DCL.

MSC Cruise Lines

The European Shipping Giant is Globally well known and is definetly a sound career choice.

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A sensible choice to launch your Seafarers Career.
MSC is a vast and logistically Sound and Stable Company.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Some of the best Cruises and Careers can be found with RCCL’s massive infrastructure .

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Multiple Brands outfit Royal Caribbeans Empire .
Seems like unlimited jobs can be right up your alley.


Bartender Extraordinaire and Crew Trainer for Disney Cruise Lines – Nur Salibo onboard The Disney Dream

Bartending is one of the most sought after jobs on all Cruise Lines and its a very rewarding skillset.
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Retail Jobs

Retail Jobs
Retail Operational Jobs and Sales Representatives are often required

Got a Sales or Retail Store background? Then you may very well end up running a store like this.
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Restaurant Careers

Head Waiter and Assistant work to make things happen
You just got to love being of service to your guests.

Being a Waiter and serving you is surely not an easy task but an extremely important skillset
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Shoreside Jobs

Shoreside Jobs are fun
Met Shelby from the United Kingdom. Amazing passion for her job

Shoreside and Excursion jobs can be liberating hanging with guests and just simply being yourself.
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Entertainment Careers

Entertainment Careers
Theatrical, Drama Dj Skills are purely an asset aboard the ship

You can bring out your talents and amaze everyone with careers in entertainment.
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FAQ’S & News

  • How we can help you?

    To ensure a smooth and successful application process, we kindly ask you to follow these instructions:Submit your documents in proper order as specified in the application form. Any missing or incomplete documents may result in your application being rejected.Submit clear and legible copies of your government identifications, including your passport. Make sure there are no reflections, shadows, or distortions in the images. Your document quality is your first interview, so please make a good impression.Be prepared for what applying for a ship job entails. Working on a cruise ship is a rewarding and challenging experience, but it also requires long hours and hard work. You will need to be flexible, adaptable, and resilient to cope with the demands of the job.

  • How we can help you?


  • How we can help you?

  • How we can help you?

PRESS RELEASE When Meridian Recruitment Agency Ltd, The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts,…

Required Upload Format on This Site is Strictly PDF ONLY Due to extremely high Influx…

Dear Cruise Ship Job Candidate,

Here are some very important pieces of information to read carefully before deciding upon a Seafarers Career!

We also wish to thank you for perusing our Website as you might be considering a Cruise Ship Job! Please note and understand as illustrated within this concise correspondence.

Working on a cruise ship is an exciting and unique opportunity that combines travel, adventure, and an extremely vibrant work environment. Before we set sail, let’s delve into the essential aspects of life onboard a Majestic Cruise Vessel:

Work and Lifestyle:
Diverse Roles: Our cruise ships host a wide variety of positions, from deckhands and engineers to entertainers and hospitality staff.
Guest-Centric: You’ll interact with passengers from around the world, ensuring their comfort, safety, and enjoyment.
Team Collaboration: Expect to work closely with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.
Hours of Work:
Cruise ship schedules can be demanding. You’ll follow a rotational system, which includes long hours during peak times (such as embarkation and disembarkation).
Flexibility is key, as you’ll adapt to varying time zones and port schedules.
Physical Fitness and Mental Wellness:
Fitness: Cruise ship work involves physical tasks, such as lifting, walking, and standing for extended periods. Regular exercise is essential.
Mental Resilience: Living and working in a confined space with a diverse group of people requires adaptability, patience, and a positive mindset.
BMI and Overall Wellness:
Some Cruise Lines may have strict BMI requirements, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Regular medical check-ups ensure your well-being.
Balanced nutrition and this of course is what you get onboard a Cruise Liner. Crew meals are not the same as passenger meals and can get monotonous. Adequate rest instead of visiting Ports of Calls (unless job related) can be a sound choice after very long daily work sessions. Stress management contributes to overall wellness on board and you may want to take part in Holistic Crew Programs like Yoga, Meditation and Gym activities. Staff can work as much as 80 hours per week and Sunday to Sunday!
Willingness to Adapt:
Cruise ships encounter various situations, from rough seas to unexpected passenger needs. Your adaptability is vital.
Must be open to cultural differences, language barriers, and changing itineraries.
Attitude and Aptitude:
Positive Attitude: A friendly, customer-focused demeanor is essential, sometimes that smile or personality will make a lot of difference. Creating memorable experiences for our guests means value to them overall and ensuring a special time on Vacation.
Problem-Solving Skills: Quick thinking and resourcefulness help handle unforeseen challenges.
Team Player: Collaboration ensures smooth operations. We look for communicators and leadership potential. Promotions may favor exceptional qualities like these.
Confined Areas and Crew Meals:
Living Quarters: Crew cabins are compact. Organizational skills and respect for shared spaces are crucial.
Crew Meals: Enjoy communal dining with colleagues. It’s a chance to bond and recharge.
Going the Extra Mile:
Our crew members often step up beyond their assigned duties. Whether it’s assisting a colleague or helping a passenger, your willingness matters.
Remember, working on a cruise ship is more than a job—it’s an adventure. If you’re ready to embrace the high seas, cultural diversity, and the thrill of exploration, we look forward to welcoming you aboard! It may be wise to consult with actual experienced Shipmates before making this decision as we want to ensure that you’ve got the correct MINDSET for this OCEAN-BASED Career Choice!

Fair winds and smooth sailing

[Meridian Recruitment Agency] Recruitment Team and Chief Technical Officer!

Ashah Fournillier hails from San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago. Her first time hoping to secure…

Your Dream Job Awaits! Travel The World Whilst You Earn A Living! Get ready to…

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