Dear Cruise Ship Job Candidate,

Here are some very important pieces of information to read carefully before deciding upon a Seafarers Career!

We also wish to thank you for perusing our Website as you might be considering a Cruise Ship Job! Please note and understand as illustrated within this concise correspondence.

Working on a cruise ship is an exciting and unique opportunity that combines travel, adventure, and an extremely vibrant work environment. Before we set sail, let’s delve into the essential aspects of life onboard a Majestic Cruise Vessel:

Work and Lifestyle:
Diverse Roles: Our cruise ships host a wide variety of positions, from deckhands and engineers to entertainers and hospitality staff.
Guest-Centric: You’ll interact with passengers from around the world, ensuring their comfort, safety, and enjoyment.
Team Collaboration: Expect to work closely with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.
Hours of Work:
Cruise ship schedules can be demanding. You’ll follow a rotational system, which includes long hours during peak times (such as embarkation and disembarkation).
Flexibility is key, as you’ll adapt to varying time zones and port schedules.
Physical Fitness and Mental Wellness:
Fitness: Cruise ship work involves physical tasks, such as lifting, walking, and standing for extended periods. Regular exercise is essential.
Mental Resilience: Living and working in a confined space with a diverse group of people requires adaptability, patience, and a positive mindset.
BMI and Overall Wellness:
Some Cruise Lines may have strict BMI requirements, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Regular medical check-ups ensure your well-being.
Balanced nutrition and this of course is what you get onboard a Cruise Liner. Crew meals are not the same as passenger meals and can get monotonous. Adequate rest instead of visiting Ports of Calls (unless job related) can be a sound choice after very long daily work sessions. Stress management contributes to overall wellness on board and you may want to take part in Holistic Crew Programs like Yoga, Meditation and Gym activities. Staff can work as much as 80 hours per week and Sunday to Sunday!
Willingness to Adapt:
Cruise ships encounter various situations, from rough seas to unexpected passenger needs. Your adaptability is vital.
Must be open to cultural differences, language barriers, and changing itineraries.
Attitude and Aptitude:
Positive Attitude: A friendly, customer-focused demeanor is essential, sometimes that smile or personality will make a lot of difference. Creating memorable experiences for our guests means value to them overall and ensuring a special time on Vacation.
Problem-Solving Skills: Quick thinking and resourcefulness help handle unforeseen challenges.
Team Player: Collaboration ensures smooth operations. We look for communicators and leadership potential. Promotions may favor exceptional qualities like these.
Confined Areas and Crew Meals:
Living Quarters: Crew cabins are compact. Organizational skills and respect for shared spaces are crucial.
Crew Meals: Enjoy communal dining with colleagues. It’s a chance to bond and recharge.
Going the Extra Mile:
Our crew members often step up beyond their assigned duties. Whether it’s assisting a colleague or helping a passenger, your willingness matters.
Remember, working on a cruise ship is more than a job—it’s an adventure. If you’re ready to embrace the high seas, cultural diversity, and the thrill of exploration, we look forward to welcoming you aboard! It may be wise to consult with actual experienced Shipmates before making this decision as we want to ensure that you’ve got the correct MINDSET for this OCEAN-BASED Career Choice!

Fair winds and smooth sailing

[Meridian Recruitment Agency] Recruitment Team and Chief Technical Officer!

Ashah Fournillier hails from San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago. Her first time hoping to secure a Ship Life Employment Opportunity. We wish her the very best and are rooting for her success!

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